Running to the Magic

Reylia Slaby
2 min readJul 11, 2022
Photography by Reylia Slaby

Those close to me know this, but I am not a believer in fate or destiny. It pairs with a skepticism of spirituality and religion, if not a criticism of them. These are traits that I believe developed in adulthood after growing up in a severely religious household.

I seek after the tangible, and things that I can not only quantify but rationalize. Anecdotal accounts are not enough, even my own.

Despite these developed emotional and mental responses, there have been certain moments in recent life that have led me to believe that perhaps there are other forces at play.

There have been a handful of things that have seemingly fallen into my lap, and I remain confused at how they came to me, and wildly grateful of their presence. And yet while I sometimes project this gratitude towards the open sky, I think to myself: There is a discernible reason why this good thing has happened.

I remain dubious of the word fate and lean more towards a different concept. One that leaves the receiver in an active state, rather than passively collecting the benefits of the universe.

I have been more inclined to the idea of running to what you want, asking for what you need, and seeing what motions are then put into place through your own actions and movements. Not too dissimilar to watching how your splashing affects the water…



Reylia Slaby

Reylia Slaby is a Fine Art photographer, writing about her love for creating, and how others can use art in their lives | Insta @reylia.slaby